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Coronavirus Outbreaks

Coronavirus Outbreaks

Coronavirus Outbreaks


What is Coronavirus Outbreaks

Did u know, this Coronavirus Outbreaks is like seem to sars and others virus than infected the target with have disesase and flu.


Coronavirus Outbreaks now have a global alert from WHO. This means thats coronavirus have a fastest infected via air and human to human coorelations with have illness with coronavirus.


A sample of this coronavirus has been explore by the scientist and doktor from global country in world.

We must have attention from this “alert” in how coronavirus spread so fast like this.


Some tips to be safe from coronavirus  :

  1. Using mask in our nose/mouth where are we going to works, schools, market, etc
  2. Using some healthy fresher water from cloth our hand/body
  3. Close mouth with the patiens that potensial have infected by coronavirus
  4. Dont do contact phisically with the patiens of corona virus via hand shake, hug, etc


Informations about this Coronavirus Outbreaks can u see live form here :


How Coronavirus Kill ?



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